Waxing lasts longer and gives smoother results as hair is pulled from the root.
Encourages the hair to grow lower and finer.
Longer lasting results and negative effect on the skin unlike shaving or creams. No cuts or stubble.
Typically gives hairless skin for 3 weeks, sometimes up to 8 weeks depending on hair type.
Sugaring is 100% natural and is more gentle for sensitive skins. (Please note sugaring is not as effective on thick coarse hair).
Threading is also available for facial hair removal only.

Half leg – £15                   Full leg – £25
Bikini – £8                        Underarm – £8
Forearms – £10               Full arms – £15
Upper lip – £5                  Chin – £6
Chest – £15                      Back – £20

Please do not use any moisturiser or oils 24 hours prior to waxing/ sugaring.
NB: Waxing/ sugaring cannot be carried out on skin that is already irritated.

For the first 24 hours avoid hot baths/ showers, saunas/ steam rooms, perfumed products on areas waxed, sunbeds/ sunbathing, bathing in chlorinated pools/ sea, and touching/ scratching the area waxed.
Facial waxing- avoid applying make up for 24 hours.
Exfoliate or dry brush areas 2 days after waxing to prevent ingrowing hairs.

perronChrysalis uses Perron Rigot for strip and non strip waxing. Perron Rigot is one of the best wax brands on the market.
Manufactured in France, Perron Rigot have 30 years of innovation and more than 20 patents behind them.
With an uncompromising commitment to excellence, Perron Rigot waxes and accessories represent the finest quality in depilatory care.

Chrysalis reserve the right to modify or refuse treatment to anyone with a condition we deem unsafe or contraindicated for this treatment.