I was immediately impressed with Melinda’s very extensive scientific knowledge and her qualifications which encouraged my curiosity and I made an appointment.
I was completely blown away by what I experienced! (So much so, that for a few days I wanted to train in Kinesiology!)

By using some simple muscle testing, Melinda can talk to your body! You may well be saying or thinking certain things are OK but Melinda can get to the truth. I lay there whilst my body blabbed all my problems to Melinda! Not only that, but your body also communicates what it needs to heal, some of which was very surprising!
I wanted to wait before writing this post to actually see how much difference Melinda’s help would make. For about a week, I actually felt worse, my existing problems really flaring up but then..things got better. Now, about 6 weeks on I have been following Melinda’s advice and can report improvement in just about everything, in fact some problems have disappeared completely! The biggest of these is that for TEN YEARS I have been a chronic insomniac and nothing has helped it, I have tried everything. For the last FOUR weeks, I have slept 7-8 hours EVERY night :) I am now feeling so much better! Am I going back? Definitely. Make an appointment..you have to give this a try!
Yvonne Rabson, Fareham.

Melinda is really lovely. Put me at ease on my first visit. She managed to help me release alot of my emotional baggage. I now sleep all night for the first time in years, no loo visits anymore. I feel so much better within myself. Who would have thought a gentle treatment like kinesiology would reap such great results. I am also losing weight, this is happening much faster then before. I put this down to my treatment and the Bach flower remedy especially made for me. If you are thinking of trying this out, I will say do it. You will not regret it.
Sue Gardner, Fareham.

Having gone to Melinda with tiredness and weight gain she found after testing it was a wheat sensitivity. Since cutting out the wheat I have regained my zest for life and have lost a stone and a half by not doing anything but cutting out wheat. Melinda is professional and knowledgeable. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending her to others and I do! Thanks.
Neshla Avey, Warsash.

Melinda is a gifted practitioner with a naturally intuitive approach. I have regular kinesiology tune-ups and massage treatment — they are awesome. I highly recommend Chrysalis Kinesiology and Massage to anyone looking to feel better on any level.
Juliet Vorster, Gosport.

Melinda cured what doctors couldn’t. Having tried prescribed medication for over 10 years, diets and other holistic methods, nothing completely worked until I met Melinda. Her method of kinesiology combined with her experience and incredible intutiveness have changed my life. Her dietary advice was spot on an her natural ability to heal makes her a truly talented therapist. I would turn to Melinda over my GP everytime.
Luke Wright, Havant.

‘I drove home feeling absolutely refreshed and calm after the massage. It was as if I had lost a lot of concerns and worries, which I clearly had, so thank you.’
Roger Clark, Fareham.

I have had many massages in lots of locations in the UK and abroad. I am qualified myself and therefore quite fussy.
Melinda is without doubt the best masseuse I have come across in all areas of the treatment. I will be booking treatments again as soon as I’m UK bound.
Sean Crisp, Fareham/ New Zealand.

Both of my children have been treated and I am due to have an appointment next Saturday. Melinda is so lovely, friendly, funny & capable. Would highly recommend as a Kinesiologist x
Denyse Hanna, Southampton.

I had a session of Kinesiology with Melinda 4 weeks ago. I had been suffering with bloating, upset stomach, poor bowel movement and afternoon energy lows. After some intolerance testing I had a list of stuff to temporarily cut out of my life. It all seemed very daunting, but making one change at a time was easy. Melinda gave me the tools I needed to help myself. 4 weeks later I’m brighter, energetic, regular and 7lb lighter. Will be back to see you again soon Melinda. Thank you x
Laura Dreczko, Isle of Wight.

Melinda is amazing. I love going to see her as I always feeling amazing after my treatment can’t wait for my next session x
Jane Davis, Portsmouth.

I had a great Kinesiology session with Melinda last week which highlighted some emotional issues, some vitamin deficiencies and the fact that I wasn’t drinking enough water. Melinda also did some food intolerance testing which was very interesting. Since my session I have been implementing the changes suggested and am already feeling much more balanced. Thanks Melinda.
Melinda’s treatment room is lovely and she explained everything to me throughout the session. I would thoroughly recommend giving Kinesiology a try.
Liza Warren, Fareham.

I was meant to win a voucher with you Melinda, it was fate. Thank you for an amazing taster session, I’m so looking forward to my next visit.
Janet Mist, Stubbington.

I went to Melinda for Food Allergy Testing and the result was amazing. I had concerns about my health, particularly with fatigue and migraines. I had been to my GP and had a number of tests, there was nothing wrong with me. Following Melinda’s recommendations of excluding wheat and diary from my diet and the impact has been life changing. I have more energy and no lethargy. I still get the occasional migraine, but now they are infrequent. Thank you Melinda and I’m looking forward to our next session.
Annabel Koschak, Perth.

Always leave feeling relaxed, Mel is so friendly and welcoming! The Kinesiology treatment I had changed my life. 5**** 
Karina Parker, Fareham.

‘I came away from the massage feeling so relaxed and uplifted. The massage itself really helped with the aches and tension I had in my neck and back. We chatted about everything going on in my life and I found the holistic approach really helped my body and mind. It’s the best massage I have ever had!’
Fenella Carcary, Fareham.

‘I have booked myself in for various treatments and wow! The atmosphere is relaxing.  As always, Mel gives 100% attention to you as an individual, ‘her client’. She tentatively listens, and what is important to me, her client, is as equally important to Mel, you feel special. Mel is discrete and provides advice. The ambience is calm with comfortable surroundings to help you unwind and feel relaxed.
I highly recommend a phone call and have a chat to Mel in order to visit Chrysalis – don’t miss out!’
Samantha Templer, Wickham.

” A very warm welcome awaits at Chrysalis Beauty and Therapy and the lovely Melinda. The surroundings are peaceful, inviting and comforting. I was treated to a beautiful head, back and shoulder massage using beautiful aromas and oils, and a good deep massage given that left me feeling very relaxed and chilled. Also I had a lovely eyebrow wax that has lasted so much longer than anywhere else I have used…..prices are extremely reasonable too!!..I will definitely be visiting Melinda again and very highly recommend Chrysalis!”
Teresa Lyford, Gosport.

‘I have been receiving the very best of treatments from Melinda for the past year.  It was almost frog marched to her after various injuries and stress related issues.  The thought of oils and being ‘mauled’ filled me with dread.  Not anymore.  Melinda has a laid all those issues, she has a very professional approach in the most relaxing, soothing environments.  Her skill and the feeling of well being she is able to create is truly wonderful.  I have received back, shoulder, head and knee massages and the treatment with the Quantum Wave Laser has been for me, revolutionary.  I am a devotee now.  The feel good factor, together with the whole experience Melinda gives you are beyond words.  Her prices are very reasonable and I cannot recommend highly enough.’
Richard Burch, Fareham.