Spring (Vernal) Equinox

Narzissen auf dem Feld HimmelThe equinox represents the exact moment in the annual cycle where our day and night is of equal length. The Latin word ‘Equinox’ means equal night.
The Spring Equinox represents new light and life, it’s considered the most beautiful and reproductive time of the year. It marks celebrations of rejuvenation and re-growth occurring in nature. It epitomizes new beginnings.


Growing Sprout - Beginning Of A New Life

In cultures across our planet this period marks initiation and symbolic integration of the forces of light and dark. In ancient times, during the equinox, rituals were performed and people would cleanse old energy out from themselves as well as in their homes. This is where our tradition of ‘spring cleaning’ came from.

Ways that you can refresh your home is to open your windows as often as possible this time of year to let new beginnings blow through your home.
You may want to go through your belongings or look around each room, discarding items that are no longer useful or beautiful to you. If you haven’t used it in a year, then get rid of it. Why not invite your children to do the same with their old toys, perhaps give those toys to charity. Once your space is cleared, then deep clean your home.


Bluebell Wood

Spring is a great time not only to cleanse our homes but also to cleanse ourselves. Perhaps you may consider a detox. Healthy Starter pack from Natures Sunshine is a lovely gentle detox* and Neals Yard Organic skincare products are a great way to start removing chemicals from your skincare regime**.

This time of year reminds us of optimism, renewal, and our own need for balance. Balanced equilibrium is the ideal state for our lives. Try meditating or being still for 20 mins a day, spend as much time outdoors as possible as the vibrational energy sparks liveliness and new ideas. Try to release negative thoughts and think of three things you want to happen in your life and visualise the end result.


Young Woman doing Yoga Exercises Outdoor

Systematic Kinesiology is a great way to achieve all over balance. Nutritionally it can look at any support your body may need through vitamins and minerals, or highlight any food sensitivities that may be hindering your health. It can help emotionally by releasing negative thoughts, structurally releasing aches and pains and so on.
The mental, chemical, physical, energetic and environmental are examined, and dealt with simultaneously at each session, to find imbalances which blocks optimum function***

At this time of renewal, new beginnings of life and growth instils a renewed sense of energy brought in to help you focus and move forward in new, fresh, positive ways.



* www.naturessunshine.eu
** https://uk.nyrorganic.com/shop/MelindaHenley
*** Please call for a free consultation.